Up in the Sky

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Kyler Quinn would never imagine that one simple car ride could bring her directly to an alien ship. Well, and 3 huge tentacles in her sweet pussy and 1 in her tight asshole. However here we are. One late evening Kyler was driving back home. Her car stopped, no signal on her phone. Just blinding green light in the middle of the night sky. Last loud scream, blackout, and our poor girl is totally naked on a metal cold table in the middle of eternity. Alien bastards start from her beautiful feet. Slimy monsters crawl directly in her warm cunt. At the same moment tie up her ankles, wrists, and neck. Completely, shocked Kyler cannot even make a sound. The first tentacle without any mercy fuck her with all its power.

Then the second one joins. And finally, the third one closes the party in the girl’s destroyed vagina with fresh creampie cumshot. However, we are far away from the happy end. Our favorite show “all the way through” just begins. The fattest alien cock comes deep inside Kyler’s ass. It goes through all her body, making terrible but at the same time incredible waves from inside of her belly. Voila! A huge black tentacle comes out from the girl’s throat….Kyler’s exhausted fucked body almost explodes with all the hot alien cum.