Deep Trouble

  • Studio:

    Pure Taboo

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  • Costars:

    Alex Jett, Ziggy Star

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Scene Info

Erica (Kyler Quinn) gets a text on her cellphone and finds that someone has sent her a pornographic video. She is shocked, however, when she realizes that the girl in the video appears to be her friend Hazel (Ziggy Star). Though the video looks convincing, Erica expresses doubt that it's actually Hazel, knowing that she would never do something like this. Sometime later, Hazel arrives at Erica's home and breaks down crying in her arms. Hazel swears on her life that the girl in the video is not her, confirming Erica's suspicions. The video seems to have indeed been manipulated.

A few moments later, Erica does her best to comfort Hazel, who is on the verge of a total breakdown. They discuss the matter further and realize that other people at school have also claimed that they've been the subjects of manipulated videos. Erica muses that the same person is probably responsible for all of these as well. When they try to figure out who could be behind all this, Hazel mentions that it's probably someone good at computers. This seems to give Erica an idea of who it could be, though she doesn't mention anything to Hazel.

A few days later, Erica shows up at her best friend Janey's house and rings the doorbell. Janey's older sibling Brian (Alex Jett) answers and says that Janey isn't home. However, Erica, says she's actually there to see Brian, so he lets her inside. They go to Brian's bedroom, where Erica reveals exactly why she has come to him: she knows HE'S the one who put up the fake videos, and she wants him to STOP making them and take down the ones he's put up.

Brian tries to deny the allegation but eventually admits to it. It is revealed that all the people he's targeted in his altered videos are people who have made fun of him, including Hazel. In fact, it's clear that these people have made his life a living hell. But Erica reminds him that just because people make fun of him, it's no reason to do what he is doing.

Brian says he won't stop making the videos, but promises he won't target Erica because she's nice to him. Erica seems to come up with an idea. She offers Brian sex on the condition that takes the videos down and stops making any others. Brian accepts, and they have deep, exploratory sex.

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