Concept: What Would You Do?

Will he cheat? New Experiment

  • Studio:

    TeamSkeet Labs

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  • Costars:

    Duncan Saint, Vienna Black, Lolly Dames

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Scene Info

This experiment is a little different from our normal Team Skeet Labs. We’ve decided to step more into a reality-type direction for this one, and we ask our fans the question, “what would you do?” When you’re met with an ultra-hot babe putting herself all over you, and unbeknownst to you, your fiancé is watching from the other room. Do you cheat? That’s precisely what we seek to understand in this latest episode! Duncan Saint has the opportunity to bang the sexy Kyler Quinn when his girlfriend, Vienna Black, sets him up to see if he’ll cheat. Unable to contain himself, Duncan takes the bait. Vienna is upset at first but comes around to opening up the relationship. Soon enough, Duncan lucks out and is fucking both Kyler and Vienna on the couch.